What’s Stopping You Decluttering?

Whats Stopping you from decluttering

What’s Stopping You Decluttering?

Most of the time when I speak to people about my new business as a professional declutterer, their first reaction is usually positive:

“What a great idea, there are so many jobs you could do for me!”

“When you can start? Are you next week?”

“There are so many jobs you could do for me that I’ve been putting off for years, whats stopping you from decluttering ?”

But whilst many people initially love the idea of inviting a trained professional into their home to help them take back control of difficult, messy corners, rooms and wardrobes, they often start to think twice about actually picking up the phone and booking the services of a professional declutterer. Here are just some of the common barriers that prevent people from seeing sense and calling in a professional to help reorganise and revitalise those difficult spaces.

” I’ll find the time to do it myself ” – How many times have you said this?

But just ask yourself just how long your  wardrobe / cupboard / shed / son’s bedroom has looked like it has been turned upside down by some strange intergalactic storm? We all lead busy lives and the last thing you want to do after a busy week at work and / or running after your family is to dedicate precious downtime to a job that you are just not going to enjoy. The whole of professional declutterers is that they take the strain for you, leaving you free to focus your time on your priorities. Also, just remember that after disorganised spaces have been decluttered and reorganised, you’ll actually save time – no need to spend precious hours rummaging through drawers or calling banks and insurance companies as panic sets in!

” I’ll never admit defeat “

Most of us (with the possible exception of my husband), were brought up to do housework and keep our houses clean and tidy. Often, we’re proud of this, and are right to be.
Many of us regard the idea of inviting a stranger in to our homes to “sort out our mess” as some sort of defeat, but there are many things wrong with this attitude:

There are so many different reasons why clutter can build up through no fault of our own … busy careers, bereavement, illness – there’s no need to beat yourself up, and the sooner you realise it’s not about winning or losing, the sooner you can get things sorted.

Professional declutterers do so much more than “sorting out mess”, they are trained to generate and propose ideas for how you can optimise the space you have available, and to take you through a specific, step-by-step process that you can use time and again to keep you clutter free.

It’s good to be proud of your housekeeping skills, but your pride can stop you from moving on. Professional declutters will build on those skills and take them to another level.

” I’ve got so many other things to buy right now ”

That’s cool, but have you ever thought that after the initial outlay, a declutterer will actually save you money? You’ll end up reducing waste, keeping the things you actually use and making them work harder for you, and find innovative new uses for objects and clothes, giving them a new life.

Decluttering is a philosophy – one that will save you cash.

” How could a stranger do a better job? “

Many people are nervous about allowing declutterers to sort through objects and documents that have a sentimental value, maybe because they are linked to a specific person, event or period in their lives. Often, when people think that sorting out objects, documents and clothing might be emotionally difficult, they opt to do it themselves, or if not they think it’s a job for another member of the family.

But have you ever thought how difficult it might be to be objective in those situations, when deciding what to keep and what not to? And how much time it could take to build up the courage to start the job in the first place? It might be something you are simply never strong enough to do, and that in turn could stop you from moving on.

Professional declutterers are the right people for this situation because they are professionally trained to take an objective approach whilst handling each job with the sensitivity it requires. Hiring a professional declutterer will help you sort things quickly and efficiently, without putting yourself through unwanted angst.

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