Terms & Conditions

It is Conchi’s objective to provide an excellent service that gives her customers the desired end result for their home or work space.

Hours of Work

Before accepting a job, Conchi will provide an estimation of the hours required. Please note that it is not always possible to accurately estimate how long each project will take.

At the end of each session Conchi will update the client regarding the progress of the job and agree whether more or fewer hours are required than originally estimated. Subsequently, at the end of the day, she will charge for the hours worked to the nearest 15mins from arrival to departure (excluding lunch break).

Unwanted items

During the decluttering, Conchi will advise on several methods of disposal of unwanted items. She will do this in good faith, and it is always the client’s decision regarding whether to keep specific items. Conchi cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any decisions. She will offer to take the unwanted items to selected and local charity shops, providing they are not large and heavy objects.


Conchi does not offer a specific cleaning service, other than what would be reasonably included in the course of organising your home or office.  It may be considered useful for the client to hire a cleaner after their space has been decluttered, organised, or staged. Conchi can help to find a local cleaner if requested.

Other Suppliers and Services

There may be occasions where the client needs to use other services or products related to the project, i.e. a decorating or furnishings company.  Conchi will suggest other companies and their services and products however, she cannot be held liable should there be issues with their works or for any loss or damage caused by any such alternative supplier.  Any alternative supplier charges for services or products are always payable by the client.


Conchi takes customer privacy very seriously. As a member of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) she is aware of relevant privacy regulations, therefore all detail and information regarding the client’s personal and business life and possessions will be kept completely confidential.

Conchi’s will always seek the client’s permission and approval to take pictures showing the progress of their project which will subsequently be shown anonymously in the her web site.


Conchi holds a full professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover for her services.


Conchi is an experienced member of APDO (The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and abides by their Code of Ethics: Code of Ethics Conchi is also a member of TSMP (The Senior Move Partnership) which specialise in providing downsizing services to senior customers.


Free initial consultation by telephone or video call to understand requirements. Should the client go ahead and book Conchi The Home Coach, a non-refundable booking of minimum £40 is required which will be deducted from the bill at the end of the session.

Once work begins charges are as agreed or at the hourly rate quoted on pricing page related to the particular service required by the client.  Travel costs are included in the hourly or project rate unless travel is more than 15 miles from my address, in which case an appropriate mileage allowance is as quoted on pricing page.  All other pricing is listed on www.conchithehomecoach.co.uk


When the work for the day is complete the client will be asked for payment, either by cash or cheque, or BACS / digital transfer into our business bank account.


In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance causing the need to re-book the appointment, both Conchi and the client will give as much notice as possible and re-arrange the appointment.  Should the client cancel, a minimum of two days’ notice is requested. Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform any obligation under this Agreement if the failure is caused by any circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, or industrial dispute.

Online Decluttering Services

Terms & Conditions

Online session – preliminary info.

Customer can book a minimum of one session (45 minutes) or a package of three sessions (2hrs 30m.) to be scheduled within 2 weeks, after an initial FREE consultation.

Privacy and confidentiality are part of the service and are considered paramount. Videocalls will not be recorded.

An on-line session will start with a videocall via Whatsapp, Facetime or Zoom.

An on-line session will include a visual assessment of the project involved, followed by setting smart objectives, practical advice, guidance on how to achieve them and approximate time scale.

The customer is advised to have sturdy bags, sticky labels or seal tape, pens, scissors that normally are part of the household stationery.

Online session – during a session

During the on-line session Conchi will be asking questions and understanding the habits and normal routine around the space in question. The customer will be invited not to be distracted whenever possible by children’s needs, pets, people visiting or phone calls.


Normally when the customer is performing an assigned task, Conchi can pause the session and resume it again when customer completes it or calls back for further advice. There is no charge for pauses. However, each session ought to be completed within 90 minutes from the starting time.

Conchi can produce, at an extra charge, a log sheet to record tasks done during the session and to set after session tasks. The log sheet will be sent to customer at the end of each session to keep track of the work and time involved.


Conchi will ask customer to take photos before starting the project so they will be able to appreciate the effort taken and to see the progress achieved at the end of each task.

Conchi will seek the customer’s approval to use some before and after pictures for marketing purposes, which will be anonymous and will not show the location.


During the on-line session Conchi will highlight health and safety recommendations, such as how to lift heavy weights, to be extra careful when using ladders or tools, or to be aware of any household hazards which may be around the house

Conchi may advise to source storage only when necessary, and this can be purchased accordingly.


Payments will be made prior to the session via BACS/money transfer.



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