Take the Stress Out of your House Move

Take the Stress Out of your House Move

Professional Decluttering:                                                Take the Stress Out of your House Move

Moving house is one of the most stressful events of our live

Dealing with estate agencies, banks, surveyors, utility companies, builders and other trade professionals takes an enormous amount of time and energy, and the list of jobs to take care of starts afresh after you move into your new house.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also have to take steps to manage your furniture and belongings as you get ready to pack or have them packed for you by a removal company. It’s a time when you’ll need to go through all the cupboards, drawers, cabinets, bags, wardrobes and shelves in the house and turn them inside out, deciding what to take and what to throw away.


YOUR RESPONSE could easily degenerate into PANIC: It’s too much, I don’t know where to start! I don’t have time, it’s stressful! The kids will be in the way. What about my social life? I can’t take time off work and I don’t want to use my weekends or evenings for many months to do this!

In the face of such a daunting task, let DECLUTTERING be the first constructive word that comes into your mind. A move is a great opportunity – to keep the furniture and belongings that you want or need to keep, and to throw out everything that has accumulated around you and you don’t have a use for any more. WHAT A TASK though!!


A professional declutterer and organiser will help ensure a smooth and efficient move, and their coaching skills you will help you to learn how to manage your stuff and your space before and after.


Some SPECIFIC BENEFITS for hiring a professional organiser:

TIME SAVING: the decluttering/sorting process will be completed in a few hours or days depending on the amount of belongings you have, instead of it dragging on across never ending weekends!


MONEY SAVING: decluttering will considerably reduce the amount of stuff you move with. The removal company will have a much smaller amount to move, so you’ll get a cheaper removal bill.

People often hire storage space to store belongings before moving to a new place, or while waiting for construction work to be completed. That means serious money spent each week for keeping things that might never be used again, but we haven’t had the time to think what to do with yet! Hiring a professional declutterer will have a cost but the training they offer will have long-lasting positive impact as you learn to manage your space and belongings more effectively.



REDUCE STRESS: the declutterer will advise on how to manage the decluttering process step by step based on your schedule and needs. Your only job is to agree on what to keep and what to dispose of.

If you declutter before you move, you will only have the belongings that you decided to keep, all sorted logically. You won’t have to worry about fitting unwanted objects into your new space, you will only have to arrange those items you really wanted to keep. The professional organiser will help you move your objects into the right places, so you can start functioning as smoothly as possible. All in all, you’ll find the transition easier.

TAKE CONTROL AND REGENERATE: decluttering is your chance to move beyond all those things that have weighed you down physically and emotionally for many years. It will help you deal with memories associated with belongings or objects linked to inefficient habits or routines, things which hold you back from making improvements in your life. Decluttering helps you make decisions to move on, turn the page, see life through new glasses! A professional organiser is the best person to help you go through this process because they are trained to show you how an object can benefit or hinder your lifestyle. A friend or family is too attached to you emotionally to advise on the best decision!

Conchi services will be one of your best investment! Call today for a free consultation.


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