Stuck at home. An opportunity rather than an issue!

Stuck at home. An opportunity rather than an issue!

Covid-19 is forcing many of us to stay at home. But whilst it’s frustrating not to be able to go out, to visit family and friends for example, it really is the time to make the best of things.

Why not take this opportunity to get rid of clutter and take control of all those messy corners and untidy spaces around the house you’ve never had time to sort?

Decluttering can be overwhelming

Starting to remove clutter from your house isn’t so simple.

Picture the scene. The kids are home from school, so space around the house is reducing fast, you’re checking your phone for the latest news or your social media, you need to organise meals and snacks, school prep for your kids, so stuff piles up more easily than ever.

It occurs to you that this could be a great time to get stuck into some spring cleaning, but the amount of clutter in the house will always stop you getting to the root of the issue. What you really need is a spring CLEARING, and in these circumstances, this can just be overwhelming and just adds to a sense of frustration.

Conchi can help with remote decluttering
Conchi The Home Coach is offering online, 1-2-1 decluttering sessions to guide you step-by-step through the processes you need to organise every part of your house effectively, teach you some key rules to help you and your family stay on top of clutter in different rooms of the house, provide an effective system for space and storage solutions.
Discover the benefits

Remote decluttering has many benefits:

Video conferencing can be done at a time convenient to you.
You will receive personal guidance designed around your needs and preferences.
You will be in the driving seat in the decluttering process because you will doing it first hand, so you will adopt the new changes more quickly.
You can involve your family when tackling your given tasks, so they won’t see it as an imposed new regime, but as a fun team project and effort!
You will be given a detailed list of each task to undertake so you don’t feel overwhelmed
If privacy is important for you, not having a declutterer going through your personal belongings could be the best solution for you!
Conchi will be able to source the suitable storage if you need to buy any.
Conchi will be your coach or mentor after the sessions, answering any questions you may have as you put those steps into action. You can apply those steps, time after time.
It’s cheaper than having a professional declutterer in your home.
Conchi can guide you to make your space smart, so you will never want to leave your home!

And finally your document filing

Conchi can take special care to sort household bills, mail and documents once and for all, taking the weight out of your filing cabinets and cupboards putting labelling in place so you can find what you want in seconds.

She can also provide you with a fast and efficient way to reduce your bills documents and save you money at the same time.

Call now on 07922454487 to book an online decluttering session and your FREE consultation.

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