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Declutter & Revitalise your home

Conchi The Home Coach offers her services by visiting your home in Cambridgeshire, Greater Peterborough, South Lincolnshire, Rutland.

Conchi can also work remotely, so you will be able to receive flexible coaching sessions on decluttering, organising and interior design services wherever you are.

My services include:

Decluttering & Organising 

Conchi the Home Coach

Decluttering involves removing and organising stuff that stops you living and working efficiently and free from stress. Conchi can sort out any room or corner of your house or office by removing clutter and organising effectively the things you love and are useful to you. Conchi is also trained to help you deal with memories associated with sentimental belongings and objects linked to inefficient habits or routines. The whole process is done with confidentiality and sensitivity so you can turn the page, see life through new glasses!

Revitalize your living space 

Conchi can revitalize any room in your home whether you are selling, extending, changing a room’s purpose, updating the décor. This service can start from a styling consultation to a full interior design service which includes, 2D/3D drawings, visual designs, product sourcing, hands on styling and project management. Conchi also aims to reuse what you already have giving a new lease of life by freshening it up or changing its purpose.

The result will be unique and stylish!

House moves (pre and/or post)

Conchi the Home Coach

Moving house is exciting but can also be a stressful time. Conchi can support you through the entire process: starting by sorting items you need to leave behind and dispose of before moving to your new home, and/or helping with re-ordering the storage spaces in your new house. Conchi can also help source reliable professionals and solutions which may be needed, like a removal company, handyman, professional cleaners, gardeners, etc.

House staging 

Conchi the Home Coach

Conchi can help you accelerate and boost the sale of your house by decluttering, re-arranging furniture and, if necessary, suggesting interior design solutions so your house will look fresh, impersonal and appealing to potential buyers.

The staging process can start from a consultation and/or project management.

Free consultation – money off your makeover if you provide a testimonial for my website.

Conchi The Home Coach
Conchi The Home Coach
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How to de-clutter your home
or work space in 7 easy steps.

A decluttered and revitalised space can change people’s lives. Start making it happen now!