Reconnecting with teenagers

Reconnecting with teenagers

      Reconnecting with Teenagers

Why to Hire a Professional Declutterer

Inviting a professional organiser into our homes is something that many of us would shy away from, but hiring a professional declutterer can bring many benefits that you won’t get by doing the job yourself. I’ve embarked on a series of short articles to explain the real-life problems a professional organiser can help you solve.


Training Your Teenage Dirtbag

A teenager’s room can be one of the most challenging areas in the house to keep organised – once my kids got to a certain age they decamped to their bedrooms, and closed the door behind them. No problem, they wanted their own space, but most of us would shy away from stepping into the “go area” and daring to sort out a teenager’s room.

This is where Conchi the Home Coach can help you. I work with teenagers to turn their room into a welcoming space that reflects their character and interests.

It’s more than just a case of getting them to tidy up – if you do that, the clutter will soon come back in a few weeks.

From the start, I work with teenagers and young children to understand what they want from their room, their hobbies and the things they like, and involve them in the process. My objective is to turn their room into a space that they want to be in, that reflects their personality, rather than just imposing a solution.

My background as a teacher and business trainer helps me get on a level with kids, to build a shared understanding of what the room should look like, and I often find I can build a connection and share ideas that they would never accept from their parents – it just wouldn’t be cool!

Also, during the decluttering process, I train my customers, parents and children alike, to follow some simple steps to keep spaces free from clutter and store clothes and belongings efficiently after I have left them. This helps teenagers get into good habits, ready for when they move away to university and beyond.

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Declutter

The decluttering process isn’t about buying in lots of expensive new ornaments or storage solutions, quite the opposite. I help my customers to get more from what they already own, finding creative new uses for things and upcycling in a stylish way to save money.

For example, one project I worked on recently was for a teenage girl’s bedroom. The girl hated her traditional bed and wardrobe and because her hobby was art she needed a clear space to work on. We got some wooden pallets to make a base for a trendy futon bed, then moved that away from the window. In its place we put a stylishly upcycled kitchen table for her to use as a desk.

We also created a hanging space for her clothes, introduced some simple shelving for her to store her books on, then finished the project by building a pinboard from recycled material where she now displays postcards from museums and art exhibitions.

A Feeling of Focus

One of the key benefits of decluttering is that it clears our minds and gives us more energy. It can be drain our confidence when we have things around us that we don’t need, getting in our way, and removing distractions and simplifying our living spaces can help us to focus.

Just think about how that added focus can help a teenager. Teenage life presents a lot of challenges, and a teenager’s personal space can play a big role in how they feel about themselves and how they approach vital things like studying for exams… and once they love the space they live in, they might just starting letting you in to share it with them!!

Why not reconnect with your teenager by arranging a decluttering session?

Conchi The Home Coach offers you a confidential, sensitive and professional decluttering service for Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Greater Peterborough, South Lincolnshire, Rutland, South and East Leicester.   

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