Let’s go green for 2022

Let’s go green for 2022

We are gradually overcoming Covid and its consequences, but the world is still in need of our attention. COP26 is not far, though it seems we have forgotten about it. With climate change and consumer culture, waste and pollution still need to be tackled. Whilst these issues lie in the hands of corporations who must change how they produce and manage waste, we must also be vehicles of change.

You might think, what’s the point? My small actions won’t make a difference. So why should we change our habits and care for the environment? Changing the collective outlook on the environment and how we should interact with it starts with individual reflection.
By thinking about how we consume, we can then adjust small things in our daily lives which in turn affect these big fish companies that are big polluters. Small changes must be made in order to achieve large scale change. Our homes are our habitat, and we have had to spend more time in our homes than ever before.

So Conchi’s mission for 2022 is to help people discover ways to be greener, sustainable and savvy with their homes.
We know that plastic waste is a major problem, so we should try to reduce it as much as we can in our surroundings. Especially after Covid, as we have learnt to appreciate simple things, people are realising that less is more. We need less stuff and what we do need should be good quality and lasting. Though I recognise not everyone has the resources to do so, change can still be made in different ways.

I will share some tips I use to reduce plastic in my home:

  • Reduce plastic bottles for cleaning products by going to refill shops

  • Don’t buy cling film, substitute with silicone lids/pouches, wax sheets or baking paper

  • Instead of single use freezer bags, use tupperware or reusable bags

  • Stop buying other single use plastics like cups, plates and cutlery

  • Stop using wipes to remove makeup or cleaning, instead use reusable cotton or bamboo cloths

  • Stop buying bottled water or coffee cups, use tap water or boiled from kettle if you are concerned about its quality and a flask


Even doing a couple of these things will help you adopt sustainable habits which can educate people around you whilst also making your home, your habitat healthier.
Let’s go green for 2022. 

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