Have you clearead your Christams decorations?

Have you clearead your Christams decorations?

Today I finished my Christmas clear-out. What a relief! Personally, I don’t go crazy with Christmas decorations – it’s easy to fill our rooms with Christmas accessories which just end up making the house look cluttered and small after a couple of weeks.                                              This clear-out is something I look forward to because it coincides with Epiphany. The three wise men visit baby Jesus and have the big realization. They start a journey in a new light! For many of us the beginning of the year is this.

We give ourselves a chance to restart our journey in life, business, relationships, career, studies, etc. What a lovely feeling! Don’t you think? But it can also be a bit scary if we want to commit to the new changes. It helps if we can set up a positive environment around us. A suitable “habitat” becomes essential, even more so if we work from home. Starting by decluttering and revitalising our space will allow us to be more focused, productive and creative in the tasks we perform every day. Being surrounded by a beautiful space also gives us a sense of peace, satisfaction and accomplishment, especially in moments of despair, when we might feel like giving up or being overwhelmed.

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