Defenestration literally meaning “to throw out of a window”

Defenestration literally meaning “to throw out of a window”

Defenestration is not only an installation (Brian Goggin- 1997, San Francisco), but an old New Year’s Eve Italian tradition.              In fact, I remember when I was a young girl, on 31st December, at midnight, people were throwing anything which was old and broken out of their windows and balconies, like chipped crockery and glassware, old clothes and small pieces of furniture.
Seems crazy? YES! I can’t believe we did that! It was rather dangerous and uncivilised, but very liberating. It marked the beginning of a new year and a new life. Obviously, everybody didn’t dare to walk on a pavement at midnight!

My wish for 2018 is for each of us to be aware of what holds us back, and look forward afresh with a new energy. In fact, the act of “throwing out” becomes an uplifting gesture of release. Our resolutions to lose weight, to earn more money, to eat healthier, to travel more, to learn a new language, etc. are not easy to maintain. They are long term goals which need a clear mind set and strong motives.

Starting from revitalising your space could help create a clearer mindset to literally declutter your life as well as your space. Sorting out physical objects, decluttering and disposing of unwanted objects is a simpler but still rewarding resolution because it can be done in one go! Once done, you will feel more in control, uplifted and energised.
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