Why is Conchi a “Smart” Declutterer?

Why is Conchi a “Smart” Declutterer?

Conchi, the “Smart” Declutterer

I am loving being at home – forced to “work smart” during the Covid-19 lockdown.

It’s not just because I am enjoying spending time with my family, something which happens very rarely now my son has gone off to university. And it’s not just because I get the chance to spend time blogging, one of my favourite hobbies.

The main reason is because my wife Conchi The Home Coach has turned our house into a “smart home”. I’ve learnt that she is a “smart” declutterer.

I look around and feel contented.

What does “Smart” mean anyway?

In recent years, the word “smart” has taken on different meanings.

If you google it, you’ll see it is traditionally used to describe something clean, tidy, or well-presented. But recently it’s taken on different meanings. Just consider how many new terms have crept into our language that weren’t there a few years ago: smart working, smart meters, smart industry, smart speed cameras – what these terms all have in common is that they start with the objective of doing something more efficiently, to optimise the resources and time at your disposal, to avoid waste and wasted time. Spend time more productively, get more out of your resources, lower your costs.

So, our house is definitely smart, according to the old definition as well as the new.

Organised Storage – from Tea to Toothpaste, from Docs to Socks

So yes, now I am being forced to spend time at home, I appreciate being married to a “smart” declutterer.

Firstly, I know where everything is.

Conchi The Home Coach’s organisation and storage solutions are clear to see in every room of the house. In the kitchen, everything has its place and spices, tea, coffee, jams (to name but a few) are all carefully arranged and labelled. Where once I used to waste endless time searching for clothes – cricket socks, my infrequently used white sweater, winter coats – now my wardrobe has been decluttered I find things quickly and easily. My stress levels have come down accordingly.

Quite incredibly, a few weeks ago, I was asked to prove to a training organisation that I had Maths O-level. In the space of two minutes I had opened our filing system, found my Maths O-level certificate from 1984, and taken a photo of it for evidence.

From tea to toothpaste, from docs to socks, we know what we have, we know where to find it – and the result is that we don’t buy more than we need, or waste valuable time finding it.

Everything has its rightful place – and simple storage solutions mean that things don’t just get left on surfaces.

A Style Injection

Also, and just as important, I really like the space in am living in. The longer Covid-19 keeps me here, the more I appreciate my surroundings. I feel at home.

This is because Conchi’s decluttering involves more than just efficiency and storage. Our house is well-organised, yes, but Conchi also has the knack of arranging the objects at her disposal in the space that is available, combining style with efficiency. She organises spaces so that they are functional, but also injects style and character at the same time.

Fine art on a budget

Fine art on a budget

And it’s not about being rich and buying expensive items. My favourite examples of how Conchi’s work injects character into our house are when familiar objects have been given a new life, either by being completely repurposed, or by being carefully placed in a new setting.

For me, that’s the essence of “smart”, optimising the space and the objects you have to get the best possible result.

Cushion covers

Upcycled sweaters blended to make cushion covers

In the lounge, for example, one of Conchi’s stylish old sweaters which was nearing the end of its life has been converted into a lampshade cover, and our daughter’s sweaters that she has outgrown have been upcycled to make attractive cushion covers. Old books have been piled up to create a stylish table to place a lamp on, giving them a new life and purpose.

lampshade cover

A sweater, transformed into a lampshade cover

In our study, the front covers of an Italian magazine she used to subscribe to have been cut out and tastefully placed in carefully coordinated monochrome frames alongside our daughter’s artwork from junior school. Fine art on a budget.

IKEA stools

IKEA stools, repurposed

And my favourite – in our garden, we have created a path using the bricks taken from the old electric storage heaters which were still in the house when we first moved in.

Valued objects from our shared past have been carefully combined with new, functional storage solutions and furniture, resulting in a blend that makes me want to spend time here.

Want to learn from Conchi the Home Coach?

Remember that Conchi has just launched a remote decluttering coaching service, so you can learn her techniques, tips and processes and put them into action in your own home, without needing to meet her in person!

Why not give her a call on 07922 454487, or email conchithehomecoach@gmail.com


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