Code of Ethics

As an apdo-uk member, I agree to manage my personal and professional conduct in order to maintain public confidence in the integrity of apdo-uk and my fellow members, and to encourage fair and equitable practices among all engaged in the organising profession.


  1. I will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal, except in very exceptional and specific circumstances where I am obliged by law to disclose such information.
  2. Irrespective of who instructs me or pays for my services, I will always maintain the confidentiality of my client i.e., the person with whom I am working and who is receiving the benefit of my services and professional help.
  3. I will provide clear and honest information about my professional qualifications and expertise and will accurately represent those qualifications in any verbal and/or written communications and in any promotional materials.
  4. I will only undertake work within the areas of my expertise, abilities and competence. If and when appropriate, I will invite clients to seek other forms of professional help.
  5. I will communicate in advance all terms and conditions to clients, including fees, expenses, likely methods of working and cancellation policies.
  6. I will disclose to clients information regarding existing or potential commercial gains for me personally from recommending specific goods or services.



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