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Busy lives make it challenging to keep on top of things at home. At Conchi The Home Coach, we’ll help you take back control of kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, filing cabinets, garage, shed or any room or corner which needs sorting.


In no time at all your space will be transformed in a joyful, functional and stylish space where you can do the things you want effectively and happily!  Decluttering will save you time, money and space and it will give you back control.


At Conchi The Home Coach, we offer a confidential, sensitive service to help you sort out sensitive and sentimental belongings and make a new start.

Declutter & Revitalise your home!


Conchi, The Home Coach offers her services by visiting your home in Cambridgeshire, Greater Peterborough, South Lincolnshire, Rutland.

Conchi can also work remotely, so you will be able to receive flexible coaching sessions on decluttering, organising and interior services wherever you are.


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Conchi the Home Coach

Can’t fit all your belongings in your new home? Call Conchi to reduce unwanted clutter and suggest innovative storage solutions and upcycling ideas, so you don’t have to pay self- storage bills or buying more storage furniture. Conchi is a specialist for senior move to residential homes.

House Moving

Conchi the Home Coach

Conchi can help with the logistics of a move, working with you to decide what to leave behind and what to pack, saving you time, money and reducing stress. Also Conchi can provide the most efficient organisation in your new home which serves your lifestyle. Imagine not living in boxes for weeks on end!

Selling or renting your home?

Conchi the Home Coach

Present your home to prospective buyers, uncluttered and appealing with inexpensive and effective changes. Conchi can also help source reliable professionals and solutions which may be needed, like a removal company, handyman, professional cleaners, gardeners, etc.

Find the documents you need … fast!

Conchi the Home Coach

Conchi can organise your paperwork so you’ll save time hunting for critical documents and keep on top of your documents, bills and mail.

Revamp your living space

Revamping a room could be a conundrum. Conchi, with her Italian sense of style, will advise on the best colour scheme, furniture or any interior detail which will uplift your mood and reflect your lifestyle. 

Conchi The Home Coach offers confidential, sensitive and professional decluttering service and interior styling for Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Leicestershire. Now also online wherever you are!




How to de-clutter your home
or work space in 7 easy steps.

A decluttered and revitalised space can change people’s lives. Start making it happen now!